Merrill Stewart
Founder/President of Stewart PerryMerrill

In construction, or whatever line-of-work you happen to be in, business isn’t solely about “business.” What we do for a living shapes many aspects of our lives, but it isn’t the entirety of who we are—at least it shouldn’t be. People are so much more than their jobs. As a company leader, you’d be amazed at the domino effect of potential that starts when you see the folks you interact with for who they are rather than what they can do for you.

I’ve always explained this idea with the analogy of planting acorns. You start with a seed, find it a place to grow, give it a little nourishment and sooner or later it will sprout up into a tall oak tree loaded down with branches. If you plant a variety of these acorns—employees, contacts, friendly business relationships—you’ll be amazed at the response you get. The resulting oaks might just drop another acorn of opportunity for you. It’s a cycle, and everyone benefits.

This blog is about helping you find seeds of potential where others only see a blank space. About changing your way of thinking so that by doing the right thing, you gain business edge. What goes around comes around. Plant an acorn. Watch it grow.